Coming soon: A new and improved version of SMART will be released during the first week of November. More details about the new version will be communicated by email.

Submit A Request.

Use this to submit a new request for a single or multiple users. Depending on the request type, the request will go through multiple approval and processing levels. You will be notified whenever progress has been made or if there is a problem processing the request.


Check Open Requests.

Use this to check or approve open requests. You will be able to filter based on request type or user. This is also helpful to check examples of existing requests if you are not sure how to fill a request. You will also be able to clone an existing request and modify it.


Check Current Access.

Use this to check your current access level or applications you have access to. If you are a manager you will also be able to see the access for employees who report to you. For some applications it may take up to 24 hours after access has been granted to show up here.



SMART is a computer-based security access requesting system that allows you to send requests for various security access permissions. You will be able to submit, track, and monitor your requests’ status through this system. You will receive notifications via e-mail when an access request is approved, reviewed, or processed.

This tool can also be used to generate reports and to check your or your direct reports current access.